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With Chichibu

Welcome! To town Chichibu-shi of history culture full of nature

Chichibu-shi is approximately 80 minutes by limited express from the downtown area. It is area that is full of nature among the mountains around clear stream and Chichibu Basin of Arakawa branch. We can enjoy flowers and hiking, having a swim in a river, camping until Chichibu night festival, the dragon group festival, Kawase festival and small local festival through one year.

Historic culture resources of Chichibu-shi

There is the famous, valuable history, cultural heritage including cityscape letting you feel remains of paleolith - age of civil strife, old burial mound group, remains about Wado, Chichibu street, Chichibu Incident, Tokugawa Chichibu Shinto shrine related to thes, Mitsumine Shinto shrine of the Japan Takeru (Yamato Takeru chisel Koto) foundation, Chichibu bill place pilgrimage, Showa retro as a variety of historic cultural resources a lot. As for the festival, many festivals are held from nationwide things such as nichihonsandaieisansai rino Chichibu night festival, the farmer rocket dragon group feast day, Chichibu Kawase festival to small festival for one year.

Colorful bright Chichibu of the four seasons

Hill of colorful sheep mountain Park, ground pink and colored leaves which hang down, and are famous in Kanto in having a swim in a river and firefly admiration and waterfall circulation, autumn of clear stream in cherry tree, summer are areas that can enjoy change in the four seasons throughout the year including icicle in winter in spring.

Each tourist attraction is this place
Flower, nature Experience, leisure Walk, hiking Cycling

Access of Chichibu-shi

Map (around position, Chichibu-shi government office figure of position, Chichibu-shi of Saitama

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