About closing with Chichibu festival hall renewal construction

February 13, 2017 [news, soliloquy]

"Chichibu festival hall" is closed with renewal construction until Monday on 20th from Monday, February 13. We are very sorry to cause trouble.   Each local festival of Chichibu "is 3D theater after this renewal construction…]Specifically, it is →

New pay parking lot was born in downtown

February 9, 2017 [news, soliloquy]

Next to Chichibu, Saitama district Government building in city Azumacho, pay parking lot opened by cooperation of Saitama. 54 can park, and battery charger (for two) of electric car is installed, too. (note is adjusting battery charger as of February 9.) …]Specifically, it is →

We reopened "sightseeing in Chichibu nabi".

February 7, 2017 [news]

Situation that some pages of sightseeing in Chichibu-shi homepage "sightseeing in Chichibu nabi" were tampered with on the morning of Sunday, February 5 by unauthorized access from the outside occurred. We do with city and urgently close "sightseeing in Chichibu nabi" and, damage, influence by this manipulation, are caused…]Specifically, it is →

It is traditional end of winter today!

February 3, 2017 [news, soliloquy, festival, event]

♪... inner as for ..., the fortune outside as for the ogre ♪ It is traditional end of winter today. Unless we make the bean-scattering ceremony in house and eat Ehomaki! By the way, lucky direction (direction when we eat Ehomaki) of this year seems to be "north-northwest". This is photograph in today's Chichibu Shinto shrine. Red ogre and blue ogre (as for the green ogre) are uyo…]Specifically, it is →

[Yoshida] "Pheasant's-eye" and "gokaku dam curry"

January 30, 2017 [news, soliloquy, flower, nature]

Colder day continued, but it was pretty although being small, and season of "pheasant's-eye" which bloomed did. When we go to the back of "roadside station dragon group Hall" of Yoshida……After all it bloomed!   We endure winter cold, and flower blooming quietly small is pretty…]Specifically, it is →

We light up icicle of 30 mallets

January 22, 2017 [news, flower, nature, scenery, background]

Otaki observed light up of "icicle of 30 mallets"! Even lunch holds its breath in beauty of icicle which nature creates, but night light up is impressive again. Color of light changes periodically! Conch shell!   So that color changes…]Specifically, it is →

Icicle of Otaki, 30 mallets looked good!

January 19, 2017 [news, soliloquy, flower, nature]

Cold wave invasion! It snows in each place particularly we seem to have large snow on the Sea of Japan side. Hmm, it is cold tsu! In 😥, it may become cold. Well, "icicle of 30 mallets" (icicle of miso soil) grows big smoothly! This is January…]Specifically, it is →

Manhole summit Saitama 2017

January 12, 2017 [news, festival, event]

It is sudden, does "manhora" know? Okay, it is people collecting photographs of cover of manhole of each place. All of manhora has unbearable event. It is "manhole summit Saitama 2017"! This week 14th…]Specifically, it is →

[attention!] It snowed in the Chichibu district

January 9, 2017 [news, soliloquy]

It snowed in the Chichibu district from yesterday. When you come to Chichibu, please carry wearing or chain with tire for winter by all means. As for the state of road, please see this. → It is train information (to Chichibu prefecture soil maintenance office, road surface camera site): […]Specifically, it is →

A Happy New Year

January 4, 2017 [soliloquy, scenery, background]

A Happy New Year. We would like m(__)m this year. Gee, new year began. We feel that it was common in days that it is fine as for the year-end and New Year holidays, and are warm. How was everybody getting along for New Year holidays? A lot…]Specifically, it is →

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