[Yoshida] "Pheasant's-eye" and "gokaku dam curry"

January 30, 2017

Colder day continued, but it was pretty although being small, and season of "pheasant's-eye" which bloomed did.

When we go to the back of "roadside station dragon group Hall" of Yoshida……After all it bloomed!

The dragon group Hall pheasant's-eye img_1144  The dragon group Hall pheasant's-eye

We endure winter cold, and flower blooming quietly small is pretty. General pheasant's-eye is such a yellow flower, but rare kind called orange "Chichibu rouge" (chichibubeni) blooms on the back of here roadside station dragon group Hall. But it seems to be slightly still early that Chichibu rouge blooms. Wait a little more. 🙄



Other news. "gokaku dam curry" is sold now at restaurant of "Yoshida spirit village".

There is "Kakkaku dam" near Yoshida spirit village. This reads with dam "scratching", but this dumb card is with popularity very much because it is lucky at all to be readable with "gokaku". It is this "gokaku dam curry" that there was for this lucky Kakkaku dam.

To rice which served in five angles (= pass) form, "is careless with five fin cutlets"; (= 5 cutlet = pass). In addition, there is lucky charm of pass prayer finished, too, and this is very lucky. Besides, it is sure to get that we have examinee who always reduces stomach satisfy as it is volume perfect score! But to hasten as it is with 150 meals-limited.

gokaku dam curry

Oh, I beg you to understand my position as pote bear is not lucky. 😛