We reopened "sightseeing in Chichibu nabi".

February 7, 2017

Situation that some pages of sightseeing in Chichibu-shi homepage "sightseeing in Chichibu nabi" were tampered with on the morning of Sunday, February 5 by unauthorized access from the outside occurred. We did with city and urgently closed "sightseeing in Chichibu nabi" and examined damage, influence by this manipulation, cause investigation and future measures.

After inspecting, influence did not amount to internal systems such as Basic Resident Register systems of Chichibu-shi homepage and city because "sightseeing in Chichibu nabi" was outside site where sightseeing information in the city was placed in. In addition, it was recognized that we were not like guiding to thing and fishing site where virus lay hidden in.

We reopened "sightseeing in Chichibu nabi" in future from 13:00 on Tuesday, February 7 as we took measures so that similar phenomenon was not generated and were able to confirm safety.

We cause all of you trouble very much the other day and are very sorry. As we express apology and will send seasonal sightseeing information sequentially, we ask once again to favor in future.