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Collection of videos of Chichibu

Video of sightseeing spot of Chichibu

  • Visiting Chichibu label places

    Chichibu 34 places Kannon hallowed ground is counted with 33 places of Bando, pilgrimage around the thirty-three holy places in the Kinki district 33 places by the Japanese 100th Kannon.
    We are said to be Chichibu label place round approximately 100 kilos.
    We follow Yamaji once, and, against a backdrop of quiet mountain village and beautiful scenery of special nature, trip of paths of Chichibu that field zurao cutting across walks again is comfortable across valley.

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  • Hill of the departure

    Song that hill of the departure is a graduate is monument made in commemoration of having been born from ga Chichibu on "day of the departure".
    This monument graduates in the life, and various "departure" meeting scene including wedding ceremony are popular spots of Chichibu visiting hope on chest.
    Muses arrow becomes bell which designed bow and arrow and thought to important person becomes beautiful tone and echoes.

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  • Hill of ground pink

    Pink, white, nine kinds of approximately 400,000 stocks including purple are planted on hill of approximately 16,500 square meters in area in corner of sheep mountains of Chichibu-shi Park.
    In full bloom is the middle of May from the middle of April.
    ※This video was photographed in 2007.

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Video of festival of Chichibu

  • Oldness and festival Tokyo 2014

    You can see picture reflecting in opening aurora vision at the time of oldness and public performance of festival Tokyo 2014.

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  • Chichibu night festival

    "Chichibu night festival" counted for one nichihonsandaieisansai rino is held as annual festival of Chichibu Shrine every year for 2.3 days in December. Of large ornamental parasol for a festival, stand pull, and it may be said that is highlights of sightseeing in paths of Chichibu such as mawashi or skyrocket.

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  • The dragon group festival

    Local deity of Shimoyoshida, Chichibu-shi, charge account event "the dragon group festival" of muku (turn) Shrine fall annual festival. Figure which rose was named "the dragon group" by something like dragon. It is performed every year on second Sunday in October.

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  • Bush clover flat Kabuki

    By local play played by people of using another's estate of Chichibu Kabuki Masakazu society, the bush clover flat Kabuki stage with functions such as revolving stage, doubleness, elevator is building of thatch a roof with straw appointed in prefecture designation materiality folk cultural assets.
    Bush clover flat Kabuki recalls former "performance played by villagers".

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  • Lion dance of Urayama

    "Lion dance of Urayama" to be carried out in fair of here Dainichi temple where Dainichi Buddha is presented to is appointed in prefecture designated immaterial folk cultural assets. Heroic dance that is unique in Chichibu district features "lion dance performer of Urayama" dancing genuine sword in addition to mouth. It is performed every year on fourth Saturday and Sunday in October.

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