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jarampon Festival

When spring festival is held in Suwa-jinja Shrine from the morning, and it is the evening around 5:00 p.m., all members gather in lower Kuna public hall nearby, and "jarampon festival" begins. Make altar, and person in white silk dress enters coffin; is impromptu person of the part of priest; recite a sutra, and festival is pushed forward in the same way as real funeral. We make funeral procession when we finish funeral and perform going, festival to Suwa-jinja Shrine. Sing return, ceremony of estrade payment, 13 Buddha to public hall, and jarampon Festival is finished afterwards.

※Because this festival is just local festival, meeting place is small, and please understand that there is not parking lot.

Holding time
Sunday when it is almost March 15 every year
※2017 is Sunday, March 12
Kuna, Chichibu-shi lower Kuna public hall, Suwa-jinja Shrine
Parking lot
Chichibu-shi Tourism Division
Telephone: 0494-25-5209

jarampon Festival map

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