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Hill (sheep mountain Park) of ground pink

We drew spring on campus of very large nature
  • Soft and fluffy flower carpet filling up very large site of sheep mountain Park in spring of Chichibu is ground pink

    Flower space where sign of spring is piled up, promenade which toddles. Be blown quietly by spring breeze of sweet flavor…

    There is new famous spot of Chichibu "hill of ground pink" in sheep mountain Park which can overlook Chichibu city area.

    We are proud of eminent scale in Kanto, and colorful ground pink is desgined, and the planting area of the ground pink is planted. Planting area is approximately 17,600m2, nine kinds, approximately 400,000 stocks. It is the beginning of May from the middle of April at flowering time of ground pink.

    In addition, please go out as "special product city of paths of Chichibu" is opened in the neighbor of hill of ground pink during ground pink flowering period, and we wait, and, above all, various events are held.

2017 ground pink Festival from Friday, April 14 to Sunday, May 7

About hill of ground pink

"Hill of ground pink" having all of you love has fee for entering kindergarten only during period of in full bloom.

As this is thing to allot for expense for "hill of ground pink" to improve charm more, we hope that we have you understand.

Fee for entering kindergarten
General 300 yen public group (more than 20 people) 250 yen ※Less than junior high student become free.
Period and time
Time admission time from 8:00 to 17:00 of in full bloom of paid period flower
As for the person receiving grant of disability certificate, nursing notebook or mental patient insurance welfare notebook, fee for entering kindergarten becomes free after the presentation.
Special product city of Chichibu is included in paid area.
Hill area of ground pink is non-smoking.

About parking lot

As there is temporary parking lot (common car (light own) 500 yen, motorcycle 200 yen to include) for approximately 300 in sheep mountain Park in ground pink anthesis, please use.

In addition, sheep mountain Park becomes put under ban of vehicle approach because traffic regulation is enforced on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays after April 25. Please use temporary parking lot (the roadside station Chichibu back, Chichibu Muses park). Parking of bus needs reservation beforehand.

※We accept from Monday, March 13 in 2017 and start.

Hill parking lot information of bus parking reservation reception desk form ground pink

2017 brochure

  • Introduction, sheep mountain Park map of cover, ground pink

  • Map event guidance
  • Sheep mountain Park walk map
    Sheep mountain Park walk map
    (2016 version)
    (PDF/2 .26MB)

With ground pink

  • Ground pink

    Kind introduction (color therapy)

  • Perennial plant native to North America. Because form of flower crawls on the ground like turf like cherry tree and opens, we are called ground pink. We like good place of the sun and drainage, and the feature is that cold resistance is strong.

    There are nine kinds of ground pinks including "scarlet frame" "flow of Tama" in hill of ground pink. As for the small petal of one one of the ground pinks to look at near, totally heart-shaped.

    Ground pink classification
    Jacob's-ladder department
    Phlox genus scientific name
    phlox subulata
    Another name
    Hana Korean lawn grass, ground pink
Change of ground pink

Archive of hill (sheep mountain Park) of ground pink


News from flowering of ground pink
  • Collection of videos of Chichibu
  • Brochure
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