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2016 ground pink photograph contest

Ground pink photograph contest according to the year

Prizewinner of ground pink photograph contest was decided in 2016! Prizewinners are as follows. As you display winning work on art Cultural Center the first floor, come to July 31, 2016 by all means.

The highest award

Highest award "collaboration of ground pink and Mt. Buko" Hirotsugu Takasawa
Collaboration of ground pink and Mt. Buko

Excellent prize

  • It is Kenichi Nakagome among excellent prize "ground pinks"
    Among ground pinks
    Kenichi Nakagome
  • Excellent prize "The air is full of spring" Takeko Asami
    The air is full of spring
    Takeko Asami

Executive committee's chairperson Prize (mayor Prize)

Chairperson Prize "pose high backed by ground pink" Hideo Tomita
Pose high backed by ground pink
Hideo Tomita

Winning a prize

  • Winning a prize "dream space" Tadashi Sano
    Dream space
    Tadashi Sano
  • Winning a prize "it is the shade of a tree time" Ikuo Hoshino
    It is a time in the shade of a tree
    Ikuo Hoshino
  • Winning a prize "splendid carpet" Miyake Shota
    Splendid carpet
    Miyake Shota
  • Winning a prize "we are beautiful" Katsuhiro Enokido
    Katsuhiro Enokido
  • Winning a prize "May sunshine" Kenji Mizunoe
    May sunshine
    Kenji Mizunoe
  • Winning a prize "monument of flower carpet" Yukiko Wada
    Monument of flower carpet
    Yukiko Wada
  • "Daddy see" winning a prize; Matsushima country Goro
    Look at daddy
    Matsushima country Goro
  • Winning a prize Yoshie Matsushima that "ground pink is in full glory"
    We are proud of shibasakurasaki
    Yoshie Matsushima
  • "Be provoked winning a prize in hill of sign of spring"; Jin Sugizaki
    Be provoked in hill of sign of spring
    Jin Sugizaki
  • Hiroshi Yoshino Ei whom winning a prize "bloomed this year"
    It blooms this year and
    Hiroshi Yoshino Ei
  • Winning a prize "flower garden of spring" Hideko Oguma
    Spring flower garden
    Hideko Oguma
  • Winning a prize "gentle rain dancing ground pink Park" *fujijoriyo
    Gentle rain dancing ground pink Park
  • Winning a prize "Chichibu under the sun" Ko Oketani Futoshi
    Chichibu under the sun
    Ko Oketani Futoshi


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