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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy in sightseeing in Chichibu nabi Web site

  • 1.About contents to acquire personal information
    When the following contents are used in sightseeing in Chichibu nabi Web site (our following site), we may demand offer of personal information.
    ・Mail sending form (inquiry)

  • 2.About kind of personal information
    Personal information to acquire in our site includes the following things.
    ・Full name, phone number, e-mail address

  • 3.About use purpose of personal information
    Acquired personal information may be used for the following purposes.
    ・Notification about inquiry contents

  • 4.About grant to third party of acquired personal information
    Personal information acquired in our site may not be used by third party when there is agreement of the person or unless it was established by law.

  • 5.About access log
    When user accesses our site, IP address to pinpoint the location in the Internet and domain name corresponding to this are recorded as log automatically. Generally, it is not easy to identify personal information from IP address. In addition, we record data such as this IP address or domain name as log in management in our site, but may not contribute this to outside third party.

  • 6.Link policy
    We link in outside site from our site, but our site does not share responsibility about privacy protection of these outside sites. When each site has personal information, every each site, the handling of privacy information is different. When privacy policy is stated clearly in each site, please use the contents after confirmation well.

  • 7.Copyright Policy
    Copyright of our site subsists in Chichibu-shi. Copying, reproduction cannot reprint contents of our site without permission.

  • 8.Security Policy
    We pay maximum attention about security and protect safely and manage personal information that we acquired through administration of our site. Computer apparatus that personal information is stored in conjunction with administration of our site is managed strictly so that internal data are looked in by unjust access from the network outside and are not damaged manipulation. As well as prevention of outflow to the outside, we carry out safety measures of appropriate and rational level for danger such as unjust access from the outside and act for protection of personal information.

  • 9.About update of privacy policy
    This privacy policy will carry out evaluation, review depending on change of outside factors such as technological change or security risk weight and inside factors such as addition, update of contents to publish in our site continuously. When we revise privacy policy, we notify user by notices in our site clearly.

  • 10.Reference
    If there is inquiry about privacy policy, please contact at the following.
    Chichibu-shi Tourism Division
    TEL: 0494-25-5209
    E-mail address: kanko@city.chichibu.lg.jp

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